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WB for website Download (151.2 KB) pdf
Resettlement_Policy_Framework_JMVP_Bengali Download (2.46 MB) pdf
Resettlement Policy Framework JMVP for disclosure -Standalone Download (2.96 MB) pdf
Resettl_policy_fram_JMVP Download (2.19 MB) pdf
Public Grievance Redressal Download (33.59 KB) pdf
PMUworkshopPatna_22 02 2016 Download (89.21 KB) pdf
General_Procurement_Notice Download (147.78 KB) pdf
FAQ JMVP Final PDF Download (285.66 KB) pdf
DRAFT EIA Report VARANASI TERMINAL Download (2.72 MB) pdf
consolidated_RAP_disclosure_IIcompressed_min Download (5.01 MB) pdf