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Title Corrigendums Addendum Pre-bid End Date Details/Download
Bare-Boat Chartering of 03 nos. of IWAI Vessels 21/06/2018
Consultancy Services for Plan and Implementation support for commercialization of NW-2 and NW-16. 21/06/2018 Download (804.7 KB) pdf
Consultancy Services for Comprehensive Hydrograhic and Navigation Study in Kakinada, Vijayawada, Rajahmundry,Polavaram stretch of National Waterway 4 19/06/2018 Download (564.61 KB) pdf
Procurement of Geo Technical Investigation services in NW-1 in locations at Bank Protection Sites 28/06/2018 Download (7.16 MB) pdf
Tender for Consultancy Services for conducting Detailed Techno Economic Feasibility Study for creation of new navigational lock at Shahzadpur feeder canal with access channel alignment connecting River Bhagirathi with River Padma at Teghari. 02/07/2018 Download (1.01 MB) pdf
Expression Of Interest for plying on varanasi Allahabad sector 01/06/2018 Download (143.8 KB) pdf
Supply installation and integration of IPPBX and VOIP SIP through VPN Connectivity at Noida Varanasi Patna Sahibganj Farakka and Kolkata 29/05/2018 Download (1.84 MB) pdf
Procurement for Providing Assured Least Available Depth of 2.5 or 3.0 m in Sultanganj Mahendrapur of 74 km stretch of NW1 for Capacity Augmentation of National Waterway 1 25/05/2018 Download (5.62 MB) pdf
Procurement of EPC Contract for construction of Inter Modal IWT Terminal at Ghazipur, UP 25/05/2018 Download (10.01 MB) pdf, Download (4.9 MB) pdf, Download (1.06 MB) pdf
Procurement of Self Propelled Cutter Suction Dredger for Capacity Augmentation of National Waterways-I.( River Ganga ) 21/05/2018 Download (1.6 MB) pdf, Download (534.16 KB) pdf